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ReMote Replacement Parts

Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Replacement Parts


Repair your ReMote or update worn-out elements with high-quality parts. We know that crashes happen so to save you from having to replace the whole Wolf Tooth Remote, we designed the inexpensive plastic axle to be the weakest part.

We sell adapter kits if you want to move your remote to a different cockpit or change brakes.


REMOTE PARTS DIAGRAMS (Detailed view of parts):

i) ReMote 22.2mm Handlebar Clamp 

ii) ReMote IS-EV for Shimano I-Spec EV

iii) ReMote MM for SRAM MatchMaker X (SRAM MMX)

iv) ReMote for Magura

v) ReMote IS-II for Shimano I-Spec II

vi) ReMote IS-AB for Shimano I-Spec AB

vii) ReMote for Hope

viii) ReMote 31.8mm Drop Bar Clamp