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1/1 Classic MTB Hubs ISO 6-Bolt - Rear (SuperBoost)

Industry Nine


Confident and capable of cleaning the A-line yet budget friendly to save up for a season of bucket list rides, the 1/1 hub stays true to the performance heritage of Industry Nine. Featuring a dual phased-pawl drive mechanism accomplishing 90 POE and 4° engagement by way of a six pawl driver and 45 tooth drivering, 1/1 takes a no-nonsense approach in welcoming riders to Industry Nine.


 Hub Type Rear
Axle Width 157mm
Disc Brake Rotor Mount 6-bolt
Spoke Count 28 or 32-hole
Freehub Body Shimano HG (11-speed), Shimano MS (12-speed MicroSpline) or SRAM XD
Pawls/Engagement 4 deg engagement / 6 pawl freehub / 90 point drivering
300 grams