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Early on in the project it was clear to EXT’s team that they wouldn’t be satisfied with simply adding an air can to their existing coil-shock structure. High performance necessitated a complete ground up re-design. Thus, EXT took the innovative dual-positive air chamber concept made for the Era fork and formatted a new version of it to fit the unique needs of the Aria application.

The dynamic nature of EXT’s twin positive air chambers virtually eliminates all negative aspects intrinsic to the volume spacer systems of competitors. Volume spacers reduce the volume of a single chamber, affecting air’s natural progressive compression sooner into the stroke, making the suspension more progressive near the end of its travel. Making set up changes this way affects the entire travel range of movement, meaning if more elastic support is needed earlier in the travel range, it will affect the ramp up towards the end of the range. Therefore, if less ramp up is needed towards the end of the travel range, it will negatively affect the early to mid-body support.

Aria feels very sensitive on small bumps, thanks to the very low friction seal, the proprietary surface coating and a very large negative volume, while never being too stiff over big hits.  EXT Aria provides the same level of damping control that the coil provides, and it’s truly unique.

The control and adjustability given by the dual positive chamber is much more accurate and precise than volume spacers, allowing the rider to focus on just a specific part of the stroke. The rider will  feel more support in the middle part of the stroke, without having the typical excessive force increase of the single chamber air spring.

Starting from the base air settings, the rider can increase the ++ pressure to adjust and smooth out the air spring curve of the shock according to specific terrain conditions. The result is a more controlled and supported ride at high speeds.


No compromise: EXT has made an extensive use of proprietary coating system, with dedicated surface roughness and aeronautical seals technology. A specific lube reduces friction, while assuring a long lasting smooth action.
In order to achieve even more smoothness, only 2 dynamic seals separate 3 different chambers, drastically reducing friction.



  • AS3 technology: the dual positive chamber featuring only 2 dynamic seals to separate the 3 different chambers. (EXT patent pending design)
  • Positive chamber +/++ (low/high) with endless adjustment potential via 2 separate air valves to fine tune the spring characteristics
  • Negative self-activating large volume chamber
  • Unique air seals design based on aerospacetechnologyaerospace technology
  • LOK 2.-0 technology
  • 14 mm superlight weight internal shaft
  • Large 28mm hydraulic main piston
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom-Out Circuit (HBC)
  • Proprietary “Super Finish” surface treatment on sliding parts.


Weight: 653 gr
(230×65 mm. Standard mount)


210 / 50 mm
210 / 52.5 mm
210 / 55 mm
230 / 57.5mm
230 / 60 mm
230 / 62.5 mm
230 / 65 mm
250 / 67.5 mm
250 / 70 mm
250 / 72.5 mm
250 / 75 mm


185 / 50 mm
185 / 52.5 mm
185 / 55 mm
205 / 57.5 mm
205 / 60 mm
205 / 62.5 mm
205 / 65 mm
225 / 67.5 mm
225 / 70 mm
225 / 72.5 mm
225 / 75 mm