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Burgtec Pedal Replacement Axles


Replacement Axles for Burgtec Pedals.

A) MK5 Boost Steel Axles 

Replacement Axles for Burgtec Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals.

Made from Hardened En24T material
8mm allen key

Includes both left & right axles.


B) MK4 Boost Steel Axles 

For riders who like their pedals to sit further out.

Boost axles sit a further 5mm off the crank arm for riders that like a wider stance on there bike.

Includes both left & right axles.


C) MK4 Titanium Axles

Titanium axles for the Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk4 Pedal. A must for the faster racers and pimpest riders.

Made from Titanium Grade 5 material

Includes both left & right axles. Weight 89g


D) MK4 Composite Pedal Axles

Replacement Axles for Burgtec Composite MK4 Pedals.

Made from SCM415 CR-MO
6mm allen key