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Cascade Dropper Post

PNW Components

The Cascade dropper post pays homage to the Cascade mountain range, home to some of the best riding in the PNW. This post is a workhorse, it’s super reliable, loved by our customers and now features multiple travel options. The Cascade provides dependable up and down service for the miles to come, and maintenance on the Cascade is easy (like all our droppers). Plus, external routing at the mid cap ensures your cables are kept nice and tidy during up and down actuation.

You can find sweet upgrades to the Cascade’s OG dropper design on the posts featuring 150/170mm of travel. These models have larger diameter stanchions, making them stiffer and lighter which is sweet because who wants a bike part that’s heavy and too compliant? These longer travel models also come with an added DU bushing to combat seat wobble, because lets face it the only thing that should be wobbly on your bike are your legs after a long ride.

    • Choose any lever kit
    • 2-bolt Micro Adjust Head
    • Fixed External Routing at the Mid Cap for clean cable routing
    • Lifetime warranty! Details are on PNW Components Product Information page 



    Post Diameter 30.9mm, 31.6mm
    Drop Options 125mm, 150mm, 170mm
    Weights 125mm - 608g, 150mm - 613g, 170mm - 674g