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Elevensix Shock

PUSH Industries

* This option includes the Push HyperCoil for Elevensix*

* Elevensix are made to order, lead time are currently 2-8 weeks *



  • Dual Overhead Valve Design featuring independent ride performance and on-the-fly toggle lever
  • 24 Clicks of external Low-Speed Compression damping
  • 28 Clicks of external High-Speed Compression damping 
  • 16 Clicks of external Low-Speed Rebound Damping 
  • Independent Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottom Out Control
  • Progressive Stroke Specific Bottoming Bumpers
  • Available in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount
  • E-Specific Damping Piston Assembly (E-Bike only)
  • High-Strength Melonite QPQ coated Steel Shaft (E-Bike only)



  • Improved Low-Speed damping characteristic to provide increased traction at low speeds
  • Mid Speed damping characteristics revised to provide a more lively (poppy) feel
  • Increased end-stroke Hydraulic Bottoming Piston progressiveness providing an even more bottomless feel
  • Increased response time over high-frequency bumps resulting in less harshness
  • Improved High-Speed Compression in Mid-Stroke to eliminate "dead, or overdamped feel"
  • Improved external adjustment range for easier trail tuning



Pedal assist mountain bikes put more demand on suspension components. Our E-MTB specific ELEVENSIX model shocks feature a Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft, along with compression and rebound damping characteristics specifically tailored to E-MTBs. These specific tunes provide unmatched small bump sensitivity and traction while supporting the extra mass of the frame with a bottomless feel on the trail. 


All S-Series shocks feature a completely redesigned bottoming system that is optimized to the shock’s stroke, eliminating compromises found in mid and short travel shocks. This system features new bottoming bumper designs to increase spring progressivity and works in conjunction with our speed sensitive internal Hydraulic Bottoming Piston providing seamless bottoming performance. Both systems are also independent from each other, as well as from the main damping circuits allowing for completely independent tuning.



Also available to previous “R-Series” customers is our new Performance Pack Upgrade. This upgrade is available to all R-Series shock customers when sending in their shock to any of our global service centers for a Factory Rebuild. This kit excludes external cosmetic components but will install all the performance updates and tunes found in the newer S-Series.



It’s not enough to say, “Hand Assembled”. Great pride is taken in the meticulous detail that comes in designing, manufacturing, and yes, “hand assembling” of a product. We are Creators, Tinkerers, Pioneers. Each day we strive to come up with fresh ideas, engineering them from advanced 3D computer models, then building prototypes, testing them and breaking them. We build each component over and over again; riding, evaluating, discussing and modifying until we’re satisfied. We generate (and recycle!) piles of aluminum shavings, ultimately turning those prototypes into really, really good suspension components. When we say, “Made Here,” we mean it. From the initial concept to applying the label on your shipping box, we pride ourselves on start to finish, high-quality suspension products. Are there easier ways? Sure. Is easy the PUSH way? Absolutely not.

Each PUSH component is precision manufactured under our roof here in Colorado by passionate people using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment and measuring systems. Our products are then assembled by skilled technicians, quality checked by meticulous eyes and hands and delivered to you, backed by the best customer service in the business.



It’s one thing to build a high performing, adjustable rear shock. It’s another to do so in a way that allows the customer to simply bolt and go. With ELEVENSIX, each shock is built to the specific bike application taking into consideration frame design, linkage characteristic, and intended use. PUSH engineers spend countless hours riding each individual bike using advanced diagnostic tools, analyzing and sweating the details that will ultimately make up the final recipe. This focus on research allows us to deliver a shock with the necessary spring, mounting hardware, and preset ride settings.