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Evil Rear Axle


Clean and Simple


Clean and Simple is always best. Leverless design for added security and clearance for when situations get tight. These super tough axles tighten up with a 6mm Allen key. They feature “a get out of jail’ 6mm Allen key on the drive side of the axle if you manage to round the non-drive side.



  • Constructed from 7075 Aluminium and made to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. 



A) EVIL Bikes 183.5mm (UDH Boost) Rear Axle ::


  • Epocalypse
  • Following LS
  • Wreckoning LS
  • Offering LS
  • Insurgent LS

Thread M12 x 1mm pitch.


B) EVIL Bikes 180mm (SuperBoost+) Rear Axle ::


  • Following V3 (2021)
  • Wreckoning V3 (2021)
  • Offering V2 (2021)
  • Insurgent V3 (2021)
  • This axle is not compatible with LS (lightly salted) variants

Thread M12 x 1.5mm pitch. Dropout Bolt is also provided.


C) EVIL Bikes 170mm (Boost) Rear Axle ::


  • Wreckoning V1
  • Wreckoning-LB
  • Calling
  • Insurgent-LB
  • Following-MB
  • Offering

Thread M12 x 1.5mm pitch