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XTR Rear Axle (AX-MT700) 12x148


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12 mm Rear E-THRU axle I-type for 148 mm O.L.D

  • Approx -10 mm smaller housing (vs. SM-AX78/58)​
  • Smaller housing
  • Hollow aluminum axle
  • Easy lever-position adjust with hexagon wrench
  • Stable fixing force
  • Fast fixing
  • Clean and simple design
  • Same frame requirement as SM-AX78/58
  • Easy and stable operation
  • Lightweight
Model No AX-MT700-148x12
Series SHIMANO XTR M9000 Series
Average weight 76 g
Axle Hollow axle X
Axle Length (mm) 172
Axle Thread pitch M12 x 1.5
Axle type 148x12mm X
Lever position adjust type I-type (left housing)