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Blub Chain Lube


A) Graph Lube

State-of-the-art lubricant made up of submichronized graphite combined with organic and new generation waxes. The presence of organic molybdenum particles gets to reduce the friction extending the transmission lifetime.

  • The result is a perfect combination, creating a lightweight, flexible, low-friction, longer-life layer for excellent drive train performance.
  • Eliminates noises, creaks, and improves performance. Smooths the shifting and reduces chain suction from chainring teeth.
  • Protects against corrosion and prolongs the life of all components.
  • Product certified by Bureau Veritas.


B) Ceramic Lube

Advanced chain lubricant for all conditions. Formula with ceramic additives.

  • This is our PREMIUM product, which lasts longer and protects transmission wear more.
  • Contains a wax base with ceramic particles that creates greater protection in the chain.
  • Once applied, it has greater durability and resistance than Teflon (PTFE).
  • For road and mountains.
  • Additional protection against corrosion.
  • Prolongs the life of the transmission.
  • Reduces noise and delays chain wear.
  • Dry in a few minutes, leaving a lubricating film with low attraction of dirt and abrasive elements.
  • Longer duration between applications.
  • Clean transmission for longer
  • Easily removed with soap and water.
  • Keep departures between 120-150 km


C) Wax Lube

The new trend. An ultimate and unique chain lubricant that contains waxes and water in emulsion.

  • BLUB wax based goes on wet and sets up a dry and strong wax film. It is applied with the chain perfectly clean and has very low attraction to dirtiness.
  • Ideal lube for dry and dusty conditions in mountain rides and dry conditions on road rides.
  • Does not contain oil or grease. It is 100% biodegradable. Without harmful solvents.
  • Prolongs and protects the transmission life.
  • Resists low and high temperatures without affecting performance.
  • Saves watts thanks to low friction between the transmission elements by creating a thin wax film between all the parts in contact and making them flow without stress.
  • Reduces noise and prevents chain wear.


    D) Wet Lube

    The perfect lubricant for very extreme conditions. Ideal for situations of mud, humidity or rain.

    • Apply it with the chain dried and will maintain its properties hundreds of kilometers.
    • Our most resistant, durable and strong lubricant. Completely water repellent, capable of putting up with any type of terrain and conditions.
    • Unbeatable for long distances and terrible conditions.
    • Does not require continuous lubrication.
    • Contains anti-corrosive additives preventing chain oxidation even when the user is in snow, sleet, thick fog or sea salt.
    • Very popular option for users who face muddy mountain conditions.


    E) Dry Lube

    Excellent lubricant for dry conditions and long distances. It is made with PTFE material.

    • It goes on wet and forms a TEFLON dry layer that keeps your chain clean, without absorbing any dirt, dust or sand.
    • Satisfies road and mountain bikers demand.
    • Formulated with PTFE material, able to reach each chain link and achieve unbeatable friction.
    • The best for dry, dirty and dusty environments and goes well in wet conditions.
    • Facilitates a very smooth transition between chainrings and sprockets.