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Elevensix Shock (Ex-Demo/Clearance Shock)

PUSH Industries

*This option includes the Push HyperCoil for Elevensix*

*Ex-Demo shock, no retail packaging, shocks have been serviced and maintain prior to being sold. Keep the warranty going with Push Warranty Reset*

*Refund or/and Exchangs not permitted*




It’s one thing to build a high performing, adjustable rear shock. It’s another to do so in a way that allows the customer to simply bolt and go. With ELEVENSIX, each shock is built to the specific bike application taking into consideration frame design, linkage characteristic, and intended use. PUSH engineers spend countless hours riding each individual bike using advanced diagnostic tools analyzing and sweating the details that will ultimately make up the final recipe. The correct spring and damping performance, as well as external adjustability, are hand-built and delivered to your door ready to ride.



Developed in conjunction with the hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system, the secondary shaft piston provides large increases in compression damping during the last 15% of shock stroke. Say goodbye to harsh bottoming as the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control allows you to ride harder and go bigger with a smooth and supportive end of stroke feel.



The damping piston found in the all new ELEVENSIX features completely redesigned compression and rebound port profiles, providing smoother flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride. The new piston assembly also features reconfigured progressive compression and rebound valving stacks providing less damping on small and high frequency bumps, while providing greater damping on larger impacts and g-outs. This new design delivers just the right amount of damping to maximize both comfort and control for the rider.



Decreasing friction directly leads to increases in small bump sensitivity and traction providing a more comfortable ride. PUSH precision-ground and hardened spherical ball bearings eliminate both rotational friction from linkages as well as shaft binding friction caused from flex under load. Quickly realizing that traditional off the shelf bearings were not up to the task, PUSH engineers went to work developing a specific system to address both the harsh riding conditions as well as high loads with unparalleled durability.


- Metric sizes only

- NEW HD model featuring Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft

- NEW Micro model features lightweight compact design (Evil Following)

- NEW Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with increased range

- NEW 4 Port symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston

- NEW Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston

- NEW Motorsport grade spherical bearing eyelet mounts

- NEW High-Volume Low-Pressure Reservoir System (90psi)

- 25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment

- 25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment

- 18 Clicks of External Low Speed Rebound Adjustment

- Ultralight Hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system

- Engineered specifically for each bike’s unique suspension characteristic

- Motorex 3D Response Technology Oil

- Manufactured and Hand Assembled by PUSH in Colorado