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Insurgent Frame

Evil Bike

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Enter The Insurgent

Born out of the smoldering ashes of mountain biking’s past, the Insurgent carved out a reputation for cleaning technical sufferfest climbs and still leaving riders with the energy to get slideways on the way down. We expected it to be successful. What we didn’t know was how this 27.5”er would quickly become the de-facto bike for a fun-focused faction of riders still searching for that purely unnecessary slash in the trail of life.

The Insurgent is available in both full 27.5” and a mixed wheel 29”/27.5” MX version. Small wheels for the park, jumps, whips, and berms, or MX for increased front-wheel traction, steeper lines, heavy slabs, and chunder crushing.

Party In The Back

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the pursuit of useless is the father of joy. Because it’s the unnecessary things that make life sing: the berm slash, the millisecond manual you slip between turns, the sloppy scrub, the bar hump to make the crew laugh.

With more travel, 168mm versus 150mm on the Insurgent v1, both iterations of the new Insurgent celebrate the long send. It’s an on-command jump, drift, manual, pop, trail mulching machine. This is a bike built for the shits and giggles that happen when one isn’t timed or judged. So cut the rhetoric. Cut the tape. Cut the corners by clearing them completely, switchback to switchback and back into the future. The Insurgent doesn’t try to win enduro tracks.

It shreds them.

The Insurgent is available in both full 27.5” and a mixed- wheel 29”/27.5” MX version. Small wheels for the park, jumps, whips, and berms, or MX for increased front wheel traction, steeper lines, heavy slabs and chunder crushing. 27.5” never died. It just quit caring what people think. Enter the Insurgent.

Party Harder In The Front

1) LONGER TRAVEL - 168mm of rear wheel travel paired with a 180mm (27.5) or 170mm (MX 29) fork for crushing trail, floating over rough stuff, and not being afraid to let go of the brakes when a rock garden rises out of the earth.

2) CLIMB-FRIENDLY GEOMETRY - Because climbing still matters to most riders, a steeper 78.2° seat tube angle makes for an upright position and longer reach. Designed for a 44mm offset fork with 180mm travel (27.5) and 44mm offset fork with 170mm travel (MX 29).

3) SUPER BOOST SPACING - Why? Strong. Firm. Burly. Pick your poison. Super Boost is simply stiffer in all the right places with the added benefit of increased tire clearance. The Insurgent is designed to accommodate up to a 27.5” x 2.6” rear tire.

4) LONGER, SLACKER, FAST AF - Longer reach means a more centered and confident body position for when the going gets fast. Head tube angle of 64.7° X-LOW (27.5) and 63.5° X-LOW (MX 29).

5) WHEELIE SHORT CHAIN STAYS - Make bikes shred again. Short 430mm chain stays mean wheelies for days and manuals for months. Because when the front wheel is off the ground, the fun meter is red lining. Usually.

6) WIDER MAIN PIVOT. LARGER HARDWARE - Super Boost rear axle spacing allowed us to widen the main pivot hardware. The increased stiffness and strength means you can flex on your riding partners instead of your bike.

7) STAY QUIET. STAY DEADLY - Sound Mounds are a key feature to our sound-canceling chainstay protector. Stop that cringe-inducing chain slap that makes other riders not call you back.

8) DIRECT INJECTION CHAIN GUIDE - A chain that stays in line stays on the ring. Evil’s integrated chain guide is indexed for 30/32/34/36 chain rings and features built-in silencing rubber to keep it quiet on trail.

9) TRUNNION MOUNTS - Suspension is more than just a shock. The way the shock moves throughout the stroke is critical to the smoothness of the travel. With Evil’s trunnion mount, the rear shock is actuated via dual row angular contact bearings and the shock feels buttery smooth off the top.


Wheel Size 27.5" OR MX 29 (mixed 29" x 27.5")
Frame Material Carbon
Available Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Colours Clean Slate (Grey)
Rear Shock Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate
Wheel Travel 168mm
Rear Axle Standard 12 x 157mm
BB Standard SRAM DUB 73mm BSA
Chainguide Mount ISCG05
Max Chainring size 36T Single Ring
Seatpost Diameter 30.9mm
Seatclamp Diameter 34.9mm
Intended Use Enduro and Steep Aggressive Trail Riding
Warranty Lifetime Warranty

 * Specifications are subject to change without notice

*Rear Shock Upgrades are available for the Evil Bike. Do contact us to learn more about the various shock upgrades!

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