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Mozzi Magic Insect Repellent

AM&L Formulators

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  • Extended Release Formulation
  • Nootkatone scent (mild citrus)
  • Clean feeling
  • Repels Mosquitoes, Biting Flies & Ticks

Active Ingredient:

5% Peppermint oil
Superstar Ingredients: 
Nootkatone (Kosher), Beta-Glucan, Algin
4 OZ. Spray
Note:  This product contains a small amount of alcohol to function as a preservative and to protect against freezing - as we do sell quite a bit of it in the winter months up North to people obviously planning to travel.  The Beta-Glucan / Algin included in the Mozzi gives it a very nice feel and prevents drying of skin, in spite of the alcohol.