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Rim Protector


Rock Sensation

Rockstop Rim Protector is a removable, easy to fit, impact protection product for your MTB & E-MTB without the need for proprietary valves.

Tough & Flexible

The Rim Protector is made from a tough Polyurethane blown Elastomer. In simple terms it's a tough, highly shock absorbing rubberized polymer. 

Low Profile

Using a high density shock absorbing material that takes up a fraction of the space in your tyre, lasts longer and doesn't affect the air pressure dynamics as much. The benefit of this is you can set up your tyres how you like them

Run Low PSI

Be more confident in cornering under low pressure because the edges of the Rockstop Rim Protector push into the side walls of your tyre keeping it seated. It also gives a little more of a firm feeling on the side walls of the tyre in the bottom third as it approaches the rim. This stops the tyre feeling “squirrely” at lower pressures when cornering.


The insert sandwiches itself between the rim and the tyre wall to create a shock absorbing layer of protection from rim and puncture damage.

Smart Geometry

The holes do 2 things, they allow the sealant to flow through the wheel quickly so it doesn't get blocked and become ineffective and it also keeps the weight of the insert down. The raised cross bridges either side of the holes give strength to the outer rails of the insert which in turn pushes against the side wall of your tyre for extra grip and stability.




Models  27.5" 29"
Size 24-34mm Rims 24-34mm Rims
Weight  240g 240g
Material Viscoelastic Rubber Viscoelastic Rubber