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Santa Cruz Titanium Shock Bolts


Santa Cruz Titanium Shock Bolts

Save 18g over the standard steel OE Bolts some and add some bling to your pride and joy. 

Made from 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium  



A) New School Bolts (Includes 1x 42.45mm Bolt and 1x 50.4mm Bolt)
These Fit;
5010 V3
Bronson V3
Nomad V4
High Tower V2
Mega Tower V1


B) Old School Bolts (Includes 2x 42.45mm Bolts)
These Fit:
Majority of pre 2017 Style Santa Cruz's


C) V10-7 Shock Bolts
These Fit:

Fits V10-7 (29" and 27")