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Shifty Remote Lever (Black Body)

PNW Components

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Designed to replace your lower shift lever for Sram X01 and XX1 shifters, this lever is adjustable and gets you rocking the matchy-match cockpit. Made with the Loam Lever’s “yoga pad for your thumb” this guy is that extra bit of style to make you smile each time you hop on your bike.



  • Remove the smaller Torx (T25) screw that clamps the lever onto the lever (NOT the bolt on the bottom of the shifter) completely from your Sram X01 or XX1 shifter
  • Remove lever off of the round assembly on the shifter body
  • Make sure the fastener is removed out of the Shifter Lever so that it can be slid onto the round assembly of the shifter body
  • Once the Shifter Lever is slid over the round assembly, thread the fastener in and now you can line the indicator line on the Shifter Lever with where you want it positioned on the shifter. This will help with reach placement. 
  • After finding the desired positioning, torque the fastener to 2Nm using a torque wrench
  • Play around with angles to get the right fit for you and you're ready to ride! 


  • Weight 16g (SRAM X01 lever is 13g)
  • Shifty Lever is to replace SRAM's lower Pull Lever only