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SM MTB Series

The ergonomically and medically optimized MTB saddles effectively prevent numbness and seating pain.


 Saddle Features
SM Comp (Men)
  • Long hours on the bike? No problem with the SM Comp Men! The male specific design provides maximum comfort, freedom of movement and optimal power producing position for touring, trail riding and all mountain riding. Notable features include an optimized relief channel, sporty orthopedic foam padding and OrthoCell® inlays. 
  • Width: 144mm / Length 269mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Color: Stealth
SM Pro (Men)
  • The saddle of the marathon pros combines maximum power, comfort and freedom of movement, directing the pressure precisely onto the pedal. The optimized relief channel in the sensitive perineal area, OrthoCell® inlays, AirCell® padding and special gliding flanks for quick changes of position also inspire world-class bikers.
  • Width: 144mm / Length 269mm
  • Weight: 235g
  • Color: Stealth / Midsummer Blue
SM Sport (Men)
  • Whether touring, trail riding or all-mountain: The all around men’s MTB saddle offers the best riding comfort due to an optimized relief channel and sporty comfort padding. The flattened rear and the Y-shape guarantee ideal freedom of movement.
  • Width: 144mm / Length 269mm
  • Weight: 305g
  • Color: Black