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SM-RT99 XTR Ice-Tech Freeza Rotor (CL)


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CENTER LOCK Disc Brake Rotor

    • ICE TECHNOLOGY Rotors and pads dissipates heat to maintain braking performance
    • Rotor size: 140mm standard, 160mm option
    • ICE TECHNOLOGY Pad – resin pad standard, metal pad option
    • Low profile caliper for small disc rotor
    • BR-RS785: Straight type
    • Consistent braking performance in all weather conditions
    • Weight: 284g (BR-RS785, F&R) 271g (BR-R785, F&R) 96.5g (SM-RT99, 140mm)
    • Customizable for various riding conditions
    • CENTER LOCK disc mount
    • Easy hose joint system (J-kit for OEM)
    • Hose connection