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The Range Stem

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The redesigned Range Stem is lightweight, tech ready and sized for the modern rider.



Get that footie or take a nighttime pedal. Each Range Stem comes with a detachable mount compatible with many headlamp options, GoPros and other POV cameras.


We sized this stem at 40mm and 50mm to play nicely with modern mountain bike geos.


Length 40mm, 50mm
Clamp 31.8mm
Weight 40mm - 174g / 50mm - 210g
Compatibility Fits 1-1/8" steerer tube

Is there an option without the GoPro/light mount?

We have the one version of the Range stem with the mount, as it is easily removable. This way, you have options!

What is the rise?

The Range stem has a 0 degree rise.

Which length is best for me?

Stem length is a heavily debated topic, and really comes down to personal preference. The key is to feel comfortable in the cockpit. Modern bike geometry tends toward shorter stems, so we offer the Range in a 40mm and 50mm option. If you want a bit more weight over the bars to lengthen out that cockpit, and help on climbs, go with that 50mm. If you like a shorter cockpit, and to pick up that front up a bit more easily, go with the 40mm.

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