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Torch Classic MTB Hubs ISO 6-Bolt - Rear (BOOST)

Industry Nine

Classic J-Bend ISO 6-Bolt Rear Hub (BOOST 12x148mm)

Featuring all of the advantages of the Torch hub mechanism-low drag, low weight, and the ultimate in axle compatibility- tied into a traditional, "Classic" hub. Torch Classic hubs are the solution for any rider seeking an approachable flanged hub to build into a no-compromise, high-performance wheelset.


 Hub Type Rear
Axle Width 148mm
Disc Brake Rotor Mount 6-bolt
Spoke Count 28 or 32-hole
Freehub Body Shimano HG (11-speed), Shimano HG (12-speed Miscrospline) or SRAM XD
Pawls/Engagement 3 deg engagement / 6 pawl freehub / 120 point drivering
260-280 grams


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