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**Rims sold in a Pair ** 

The original NOBL rim! We came out of the gate swinging with the imposing TR38. It’s wide, it’s deep, it’s stiff, and can handle more abuse than Donald Trump at a Green Peace rally. Built for faster riders that want maximum stability through rough terrain. Right at home on aggressively spec’d 140-170mm bikes.

Our rims utilize a new layup process that we’ve developed to make our rims stronger than ever. Each seam overlaps at a different position strategically. Our center channel now interlocks with the hookless lips through multiple layers to help distribute impact forces. The combination of these changes results in a rim that is uniform in design and free of any weak spots


Product Spec:


  • Optimal for tires 2.4 - 2.6
  • 490g +/- 15g
  • ERD 545 +/-
  • Oversized 3.5mm hookless lips
  • Toray T700 UD matte finish.
  • Asymmetrical with 2.7mm spoke offset.