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XTR M9100 Brakeset (XC/2-Piston)


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BL-M9100 (XC Brake Lever)

Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever (no Servo-Wave)

  • Quicker rebound between actions maintains rider concentration
  • Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout
  • Update brake lever shape
  • 10% stiffer than M9000 even under high temp conditions
  • Magnesium master cylinder
  • Seamless operation
  • High rigidity
  • Lightweight
  • Quicker brake engagement with shorter free stroke


BR-M9100 (2-piston Caliper)

Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

    • Higher braking force with reduced input force at finger tips highly linear response, and braking power, stroke, and time lag reduced by 30% compared with M9000
    • New high rigidity brake hose and 1-piece aluminum caliper


    • High-performance brake control
    • High rigidity
    • Lightweight
    • Straight hose connection