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XTR M9110 Hubs


M9100 Series

Here it is. New XTR. 
27 years of development and we’re right back to where it all started, introducing the ultimate MTB race components. Designed to meet the highest level competitive mountain bike racing needs with a second to none performance and experience. New XTR M9100 Series brings the most versatile groupset for XC, enduro and marathon racing.


Front Hub for Disc Brake

  • O.L.D.: 110 mm
  • Centre Lock Disc Brake



Rear FREEHUB for Disc Brake


  • Increased acceleration by reducing inertia and weight
  • New smaller spline diameter for 10T top gear
  • Quick engagement: 7.6 deg max
  • Near silent drivetrain eliminates rider distraction
  • Faster acceleration
  • Silent drivetrain
  • O.L.D.: 148 mm
  • Centre Lock Disc Brake



 Hub Type Front / Rear
Axle Width 110mm / 148mm
Disc Brake Rotor Mount Centre Lock
Spoke Count 32
138 grams (F) / 231 grams (R)