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Yeti Dog Collar

Yeti Cycles

Wolfgang Man & Beast and Yeti Cycles have shifted gears to bring the YETI series of leashes & collars to fans of dogs, bikes, and fun.

Drawing from the perennial Yeti color palette and the extensive Wolfgang art toolbox, the YETI series acknowledges that man’s best friend is always a part of the action, always there to comfort us and cheer us on, and always by our side. 


Sizes Available:

  • MEDIUM (Width: 1-inch // Length: 12-18-inches)
  • LARGE (Width: 1-inch // Length: 18-26-inches)


Dog Collar Sizing Guide

Following a couple simple steps can take away some of the guesswork:

  • MEASURE YOUR DOG'S NECK - The easiest way to measure is to use a sewing or tailor's tape. If you don't have that type of measuring tape, your dog's old collar, a shoestring, or even a dog leash can be used to wrap around the dog's neck and get a measuring that length with a tape measure or a ruler, you will come up with a good neck measurement. Be sure to consider the dog's fur, and leave enough room for a couple fingers under the collar. 
  • ORDER A COLLAR BASED ON THE MEASUREMENT - Using our size drop-down menu, pick the collar size that is closest to your dog's neck measurement. If your dog's neck measurement falls on a crossover size (for example 18"...our Medium is 12"-18" and Large is 18"-26"), decide if you want to be able to adjust smaller or larger than the measurement and pick the size accordingly. 

PRO TIP: If your dog's neck measurement falls on a crossover size (like 18-inches, which is the top end of the Medium collar and the bottom end of the Large collar), you'll need to make a judgement call. Which way would you like the ability to adjust? Is your dog growing? If you think 18" may be a bit tight, go for the Large.