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Built for the best riders, ridden on the hardest tracks, ZEB Ultimate rules the world’s toughest enduros. Equipped with the new Charger 3.1 RC2 damper, ZEB gives riders exceptional adjustability for the right balance of comfort, control, and speed.

Alongside this flagship damper, the stout 38mm chassis rides on vibration-killing ButterCups and a DebonAir+ spring. The technology you need for the fastest split times, the style you want on the start line: This is ZEB.


  • To meet the demands of the world’s best riders, Charger 3.1 is a brilliant evolution of our proven damper platform. With increased damping range and High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and Low Speed Rebound adjustments, Charger 3.1 smooths out the roughest trails.

  • Charger 3.1 RC2’s adjustment range is broader—with less compression damping in the LSC open position and additional support in the HSC closed position, this gives you the traction, control, and comfort you need to charge dicey lines all day

  • Ever on the quest to eliminate friction, a new bushing package further reduces friction with an updated process at the factory level to give riders a better feel right out of the box.
  • ButterCups block 20% of high frequency “trail chatter”. Limiting these vibrations massively reduces hand and arm fatigue leaving you feeling fresh with more control.

  • DebonAir+ air spring is built to strike the perfect balance of what riders really want: a butterlike small bump feel, increased air volume to add support throughout the travel, and higher overall ride height for more confidence when things get steep.

  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.

  • Bolt-in torque cap adapters now included for use with standard hub end caps.

  • Lightweight machined and anodized crown for premium looks and durability.

  • Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals provide long lasting fork performance and improve overall suspension feel

  • Short fender compatibility. (RockShox fender included)


 Damper: Charger 3.1 RC2 w/ButterCups
Spring: DebonAir+ w/ButterCups
Wheel Size: 29”
Travel: 160mm, 170mm, 180mm, 190mm
Offset: 44mm
Color: Gloss Electric Red, Gloss Black, Matte Grey
Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
Axle:  15x110mm BOOST™
Weight: 2,341g