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Hydra - Enduro 350 Carbon Wheelset (SuperBoost)

Industry Nine

* Industry Nine wheelsets are made to order, lead time is currently 3-12 weeks depending on availability *




27.5" | 29" | Mullet MX






6 Bolt


Power your adventures with Industry Nine’s first wheelset designed specifically to address the needs of E-Bikes. Overbuilt, but not overweight, the Enduro 350 features a 35mm inner rim width, perfect for providing support for tires up to 2.8”, a lay-up schedule that puts emphasis on the additional requirements of increased frame weights, and wider bead walls to better protect tires from pinch flats. Combined with our Hydra 32h system hub and spoke chassis known for responsiveness and control when things get a little spicy, riders needn’t look further for the extra juice to take your E-Bike to the next level.



6 Pawl HYDRA Freehub Body

Our groundbreaking 690 P.O.E. Hydra Freehub body engages every .52 degrees yeilding telepathic control.

E-Bike Approved

Approved for use on Class 1 E-Bikes

Ano Lab Custom Color

Design the wheelset of your dreams using our custom wheel configurator. Pick and choose from 11 different anodized colors to create a look as colorful or stealth as you wish.

Direct Thread - Straight Pull

Straight pull, integrated nipple, one-piece aluminum spokes that thread directly into the hubshell resulting in a solid, flex-free junction. No special tools or service procedures required.

Lifetime Warranty

Complete system wheel warranty coverage against defects on your carbon wheelset for as long as you own them.


Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight
27.5" 1700g 785g 915g 502g
29" 1870g 870g 1000g 528g
Tire Width Tire Type Rider, Bike, and Gear Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
2.3-2.8 Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher 330lbs or 150kg max 35.0 mm 43.5 mm


Ano Lab Custom Color

Like all of our System Wheels, you can customize your hubs and spoke colors in any combination for an additional fee. We offer 11 custom anodized colors: Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Lime, Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver and Black. Visit our AnoLab Custom Wheel Designer to customize your i9s and email your design to

*Please note that custom color wheel orders may take 3-12 weeks to fulfill depending on availability. Please contact us for any enquiries.

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