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EZ Lube


Multi-purpose lubricant fluid recommended for numerous applications, including cars, motorcycles, boats, bikes, DIY. Lubricates every mechanism, levers, cables, brake axes, clutch mechanisms, bicycle chains etc.

Do not forget to re-lubricate dried seals after steam wash. Protects against corrosion with a protective film Engines, exhaust pipes, off-road bikes frames, outboard engines, exposed metal parts etc.

Prevents humidity Electric circuits, plugs, suppressors, starters. Prevents jamming bolts, nuts, cables, locks, oxidised mechanical systems.



  • Multi-use lubricant.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-humidity, prevents jamming.
  • Aerosol spray.
  • Leaves a thick, lubricating, anti-corrosive grease film.



  1. Shake before use.
  2. Use only the diffuser to spray on large surfaces: for finishing use a soft rag.
  3. Use the long pipe for a precise lubrication.
  4. Inflammable gas container: Do not spray near naked flame or source of heat.