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Hope V4 Disc Brake Pads


  • Designed and dyno tested in-house at Barnoldswick
  • All pads are rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance and longevity
  • Available in sintered or organic compound options
  • All brake pads come with the necessary hardware

Organic (Red) :
An all year round pad that maintainins its performance and integrity in wet and muddy terrain.

Organic (Green) :
High performance resin compound pads formulated for increased power, reduced bed-in time and excellent fade resistance. These properties are at the expense of slightly higher wear compared to Hope's standard organic pads.

Sintered :
Full metallic compound pads have excellent fade resistance at high temperatures and give consistent performance in all weathers and conditions.

Compatibility :

Hope Tech Stealth Evo V4, Hope Tech 3 V4, Hope Tech Evo V4