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Tailored Protection Kit (Fork)

Ride Wrap


*Price does not include installation, Please contact us for installation charges*


Specific to your bike’s make model and size. RideWrap’s Tailored Protection™ Kits offer complete protection covering up to 95% of your bike’s frame and fork.

The highest coverage available on the market, the kits are tight to extremities with strategically placed narrow seams. RideWrap’s protection film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and ensures your factory paint job is safe from paint chips, cable rash, heal rub, scrapes, and scratches.

Protect your bike frame and fork. Specific to every make, model, and frame size the Tailored Protection™ Frame Kit covers your entire bike, protecting it from sharp rocks, trail debris, and accidental tip-overs. RideWrap has you covered so you can ride more and worry less.


All of RideWrap’s bike frame and fork protection products are DIY friendly. Our products come with everything you need to complete a successful at-home installation. RideWrap bike specific protection film comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing. We developed RideWrap film specifically for use on bike frames and forks. RideWrap protection film is the ideal thickness for protecting bike frames and forks. It’s lightweight, enhances the bike frame’s finish, is self-healing, and superhydrophobic. These features give the best bike protection experience on the market.