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Arrival 152 Frame

We Are One Composites

If it ain't broke...


Continuing with our proprietary laminate process, live and in-person quality control, and a proven in-house test protocol, there is nothing the 2023 ARRIVAL leaves for concern. The only 100% Made in Canada carbon fibre mountain bike is still exactly what we made it to be. A non-compromising trail bike that provides the rider with confidence and inspires them to push the boundaries and explore new heights.


Some Finer Points:

1) Flush and Clean - All of the hardware is tucked up and away, clean and flush to the frame.

2) Titanium Bolts - Ti fasteners for improved durability and weight savings. You'll find them on all of the pivot bolts, brake adaptor mounting bolts, lower shock bolt, case cover, and dropout bolts.

3) Carbon Bridge Shaving 50g of weight while keeping the fatigue of the original link was a big move. Using carbon allowed for a stiffer link and reduced part costs we could share with our customers. 

4) Full Stainless Bearings - All 2023 ARRIVAL frames come equipped with with full stainless Enduro Max bearings. These are custom ordered from Enduro and have unmatched shelf life and repackablity by using all stainless steel, customers can keep their bearings rolling smoother for longer.

5) Custom Adaptor - To keep the rear brake mount strong and stiff, the arrival has designed a better solution for mounting the caliper. The mount is made in-house and fits 180mm rotors. We will have a 203 mount for upgrade as well.

6) More ProtectionLocally sourced frame protection. This includes the new We Are One Shuttle Pad. 


Wheel Size 29" 
Frame Material Carbon
Available Sizes M, L, XL
Colours Growers Green, Tantalizing Tan, Desert Gold
Rear Travel 152mm
Front Travel 160mm
Rear Axle Standard 12 x 157mm
BB Standard 73mm Guide SuperBOOST Threaded BSA
Chainguide Mount ISCG05
Max Chainring size 36T Single Ring
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Intended Use Trail/All-Mountain/Enduro
Warranty Lifetime Warranty