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5DEV 2 Bolt Titanium Stem


5DEV is proud to introduce a Patent Pending 2 Bolt Ti Stem design that easily clears nearly any rise Bar.

Our VRTS Ti Stem with Variable Radius Geometry can easily be installed and removed on up to 80mm rise bars without shims. The pre-sprung design makes changing bars a snap! (Yes, you still have to remove a grip and controls but sacrifices must be made to run a stem this clean)

Retro 90's vibe combined with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing.

The 5 DEV Custom Shop is where we get a little crazy. This product isn't for everyone. It's for those who know. Each piece is machined with care by a highly trained technician. The program is verified. The 5thAxis Workholding is custom. We spare no expense and craft our designs to perfection.

Developed by Leo and the 5DEV team, the Ti Stem is machined on a 5 Axis CNC machine in 3 Operations. We recycle 100% of the chips during the production process. Nothing is wasted.

5DEV Custom Shop Items are limited releases and made in limited quantities.

The VRTS Ti stem comes in 35mm Bar Diameter with 32 and 48mm reach. The Stack Height for the 32mm is 37mm, the 48mm has a Stack Height of 42mm. Estimated weight is 118 grams for the 32 and 132 grams for the 48.



Reach: 32mm / 48mm

Bar Diameter: 35mm 

Stack: 37mm / 42mm

Material: Titanium

Made in San Diego, California

Patent Pending