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ACS3 Fork Coil Conversion Kit (RockShox Pike RC2/RC/RCT3)

PUSH Industries

For MY2020 Onwards, the 27.5" option fits both 27.5 & 29".

*ACS3 Coil is not included in this option, please select a coil here.

Why is everyone always trying to sell you on “coil-like” performance? Because nothing beats a coil when it comes to small bump sensitivity, traction, and mid stroke performance. The biggest hurdle is modern MTB coil forks lack the big hit performance and bottoming control provided by today’s air systems.

Introducing the most advanced MTB spring system ever created. The PUSH ACS3. With our 3-point system you get all the benefits of both the coil and air spring systems in one package! Precision wound from the latest high tensile CrV-SI suspension spring wire, our coil springs provide the ultimate in initial bump sensitivity and traction for control through the top and mid stroke of fork travel.

Available in 5lb/in increments to ensure you never have that “in-between” rate dilemma! The Patent-Pending Air Bump Stop cartridge, adjustable between 5-50psi, gives you the control to dial in your level of end stroke and bottoming control without compromise.


  • Precision-wound coil spring available in 7 different spring rates in 5 pound increments.
  • Pneumatic bump-stop cartridge can be adjusted between 5-50psi.
  • Combined with the spring's ability to rotate without binding allow unprecedented control without any stiction.
  • Built to dramatically enhance small bump sensitivity and full range tuneability.
  • For RockShox Pike RC/RCT3/RC2
  • Available for 140mm, 150mm and 160mm travel.


To determine your spring rate (spring colour), please click on the following link to refer to the