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Da Package

We Are One Composites

Anti crimp sleeve

In collaboration with 77 Designz we have manufactured one of the worlds lightest and strongest bar and stem combos. The issue we tried to improve was the clamp force creating weak points at the bar to stem clamp interface. Testing and fatigue have shown that the interface between a regular stem and carbon bar can be hazardous. Irregular clamping force, low tolerance bar diameter, and harsh interactions between the bar and stem are the root cause of these issues.

Our unique, yet simple design maximizes clamping surface area while spreading the clamping force through the whole area of the sleeve. With our patent pending location nipple on our carbon bar. With the carbon nipple, you can ensure alignment is perfect and capture the sleeve so it does not rotate. Da Bar has also been designed to a 33mm diameter in order to drop the stiffmess and allow for the sleeve to slide into our 35mm clamp diameter of Da Stem. A new way of thinking about 35mm.

Smart design meets absolute manufacturing excellence!

Hand made in Canada

At We Are One, it is our philosophy that if we are going to bring anything to the market, we better damn well make it. Nothing can be left to chance and we need to control the complete process. Both Da Bar and Da Stem have been painstakingly engineered, tested, and manufactured to the highest standards possible right here at our facility in Kamloops BC, Canada.


Da Package is our foray into the controls department. We thoroughly tested both Da Bar and Da Stem in-house on our own test equipment. Using our test rig, we also were able to achieve the ideal required stiffness for the best ride feel possible while maintaining a DH standard. Following the German EFBE test protocol, both Da Bar and Da Stem are no slouch, punching way above its weight class!


Tested together, designed together, they come together and must stay together. 


Tech Spec

Da Bar - 800mm wide stock with marked cut lines to allow for a cut to size of 740mm total. It has a 20mm rise with an 5-degree up-sweep and a 8-degree back sweep. Da Bar weighs in at 215g for the carbon portion and 12g for the sleeve. 

Da Stem - Made from 7075 aircraft aluminum and machined on our mill in a unique 6 stage process. The stem comes in at a mind-blowing 80g weight for the 35mm and 86g weight for the 45mm. It has all titanium hardware with extra strong rolled threads. Remember this has passed the DH standard test from the German EFBE lab!!!

Da Package - All in the combo is 320g for the 35mm option and 338g for the 45mm option

Colors - Black, black, and black!