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Enduro S- 1/1 Front Wheel (Boost)

Industry Nine

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Hailing from the iconic i9 Enduro product family, versatility is the name of the game with the Enduro S Series. Built with a 30.5mm inner rim width, 1/1 Enduro S yields the rider double black pedigree, meanwhile capable of handling all day epics without complaint. You can have it all with 1/1 Enduro S. Traditional and conventional flanged hub-shell packed with i9 tech, but using a standard j-bend spoke and nipple. 

Built For
  • Aggresive Trail to All Mountain
  • 29" 

Hole Count 

  • 28

Rim Inner Width

  • 30.5mm

Brake Mount

  • 6 Bolt


Size 29"
Weight 950g
Rim Weight 490g
Inner Rim / Outer Rim Width 30.5mm / 34.1mm
Tire Width 2.3-2.8
Tire Type Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher
Rider Weight 250lbs or 113kg max



2-Year Warranty

Warranty coverage against defects on your Industry Nine wheelset or Classic hubset.

Classic J-Bend 

Traditional and conventional flanged hubshell packed with i9 tech, but using a standard J-bend spoke and nipple.