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Evil Frame Delta Linkage Kit

Evil Bike

Evil Delta Linkage Kit includes:

  • Where the magic happens.

    • Delta Link DS
    • Delta Link NDS
    • Four 11197-2RS MAX Double Row Linkage Bearings

Which DELTA Linkage kit do you need?

A - Following V1

B - Insurgent V1,Insurgent LB (V2)

C - Wreckoning (V1), Wreckoning LB (V2)

D - Calling

E - Following MB (V2)

F - Offering (V1)

G - Following (V3), Following LS

H - Offering (V2), Offering LS

I - Wreckoning (V3), Insurgent (V3), Wreckoning LS, Insurgent LS

J - Epocalypse