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Fox Fork Mudguard

FOX Racing

Keep the mid off your fork and out of your eyes with this add-on Mud Guard designed specifically for 2021 and newer FOX 36 and 38 models. This direct-mount fender uses a propriety and sturdy 4-point attachment to secure to the fork. 

The XL version offers 85% more coverage than the standard version for fitment on 36 and 38 FOX forks.



  • Mounted with 2 supplied Torx screws
  • Optimized tire and fork crown clearance



The FOX 36 and 38 Mud Guard (Standard and XL) fit the following forks:

  • FOX 36 Performance (2021 and newer)
  • FOX 36 Performance Elite (2021 and newer)
  • FOX 36 Factory (2021 and newer)
  • FOX 38 Performance (2021 and newer)
  • FOX 38 Performance Elite (2021 and newer)
  • FOX 38 Factory (2021 and newer)

Note: If you aren't sure if the Mud Guard will fit, check if your fork has bleeder valve mounts on the backside of each lower leg. If your fork does not have these mounts, then it is not compatible with the FO Mud Guard product.


Installation Instructions

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