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MatchMaker X Clamp


More Than Just A Clamp


It's like having Martha Stewart tidy up your cockpit. Since each clamp accepts up to three controls, you can put everything from your XLoc suspension lockout, your SRAM shifters, SRAM brake levers and AVID brake levers as well as your Reverb XLoc remote, all on two clamps. Short of genetically engineering longer thumbs, it s the ideal way to put everything within easy reach.

Keep your cockpit tidy. Many of our braking products work with SRAM's tried-and-true cockpit organization system. It's the ultimate clutter manager, and it's dead symple. Cleans up bar space by integrating SRAM disck brakes with SRAM trigger shifters and Rockshox Reverb remote assemblies.



  •  SRAM Guide, XX, X0, DB5, TLM, Level, and TL

Clamp Type MatchMakerX (MMX)
Material  Titanium
Orientation Right