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Parts Clean (Moderate Dry)


MOTUL Parts Clean moderate dry is a non-chlorinated degreaser for mechanical parts. Suitable for a wide variety of applications due to an elastomer and plastic friendly formula. Very quick drying for easy use in workshop environment.


Suitable for use with:

Brake and clutches: Brake and clutch pad residues.

All mechanical parts and systems: Engine disassembling, levers, axles of brakes, clutch material and shock absorbers, chain stops and adjusters, followers, oil, grease, tar residues. 

For Non-metal parts: Paint panels, elastomers, seals and plastics.

**Because MOTUL PARTS CLEAN Moderate Dry is designed to degrease on metal parts, it is advised to check with spraying on a hidden small area of plastics, paint panels, and varnishes prior to use.


  • Removes brake pad residue with powerful spraying.
  • Dissolves oil, grease, tar and brake fluid.
  • Evaporates very quickly leaving no marks (approximately 10 seconds to dry).
  • Specific nozzle helps to reach hard access areas and allows wide or pin-point spray.


  1. Shake before use.
  2. Spray from a distance of 10 to 15 cm.
  3. Allow approximately 10 seconds to dry.
  4. Remove heavy deposits with soft towel or soft brush.