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Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals


Bigger, grippier, lighter and as tough as ever. The Penthouse Flat MK5 pedal is here!

After two years of development and testing the MK5 Penthouse Flat is here. Retaining our signature toughness, the MK5 is the lightest and grippiest Burgtec pedal to date. We did this by not only increasing the size of the pedal platform, but also how concave it is alongside reducing the diameter of the pins and adding the most wear resistant internals on the market. From the outside to the inside, we’ve sweated the details of the MK5 to bring you the ultimate flat pedal.

It was of the utmost importance that the MK5’s internals represent the best of the best. To do this we specced the most wear-resistant bushings from Igus. Their "Endurance Runner" material - W300 - was a clear winner as this gave unrivalled resistance to external influences. Mud and water ingress is kept at bay with a full contact oil seal, this keeps grease in and contaminants out even in the harshest of conditions. This configuration of quality parts is why the Penthouse series has a reputation for outstanding longevity.

Used by Josh Bryceland, Luke Strobel, Scott Mears, Josh 'Loosedog' Lewis.



Weight (pair) Steel-axle: 379 grams
Size 100 x 102mm 
Profile 15mm
Dish 2mm (concave)
Platform Material Machined 7075 Alloy
Pin Material Stainless Steel
Pin Width 3.5mm
Pin Height 4.5mm
2 x Igus W300 bushes, single sealed bearing and inboard rubber oil seal


Burgtec Black, Burgtec Bullion Gold, Deep Blue, Kash Bronze, Iron Bro Orange, Toxic Barbie Pink, Purple Rain, Race Red, Rhodium Silver.