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Smashpot Springs

Vorsprung Suspension

Need a different feel for your Smashpot? We stock a wide range of rates!

Check on the Smashpot spring rate chart HERE.

• E-bikes - Add 15lbs / 7kg to total rider weight.
• RockShox Zeb / Fox 38 - Riders should drop their spring rate by 5lbs/in.
• 65lbs/in or higher spring rates should consider a revalve to ensure their rebound damping is adequate to cope with the spring force. Audible topout may otherwise occur.
• Cells marked in blue are where a 70lbs/in spring would ideally be used but cannot due to limited max travel
• 75lbs/in and 70lbs/in springs can be run at up to 160mm but no higher.
• 80lbs/in springs can be run at up to 150mm but no higher.