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Solix G - GRCX Wheelset

Industry Nine

* Industry Nine wheelsets are made to order, lead time is currently 3-12 weeks depending on availability *


All New SOLiX G Collection











Our stoutest Solix G wheelset featuring an aluminum rim, Solix G GRCX could easily pass for a wheelset that you’d more likely to see on the bike you’d be tossing over the tailgate of a truck than strapping bags to for a intimidating route you’ve never pedaled before. If big tires, dropper posts and suspension on dropbar bikes is your love language, you’re in the right place. Our Solix G hub and spoke system is built for off-road riding and remains committed to the journey ahead thanks to a hub/spoke interface we’ve proven for well over a decade on trails and big MTB lines the world over. You’ll be head over heels for the 605 points of engagement the Solix freehub offers, putting power down instantly to keep momentum in the switchbacks, ratchet a shallow creek to keep your feet dry or provide control when the terrain is trying to pinball you from rock to rock.

Well known in the off road world, our direct thread spoke and hub interface employs a machined straight-pull spoke that threads right into the hub flange via an oversized thread. This eliminates the j-bend and the need for a nipple, two points that are prone to fail on a steel spoke. When joined to the 24.5mm internal width GRCX alloy rim, the rider has a go-everywhere, big everything wheelset that can play nice with tubeless tires up to 55mm or 2.1”. If you’re thinking you’d like to be adventurous, but pack lighter, Solix G UL250a is standing by. If you love versatility and want to mount pure road size rubber, Solix G AR25 is the call.



5 Pawl Solix Freehub Body

Our patent-protected freehub technology offers unrivaled .59° engagement for our Solix family of wheels.

Premium Alloy Rim

High quality aluminum alloy with weatherproof sublimated graphics, tubeless friendly bead shelf, and a proprietary profile to keep dents at bay.

2-Year Warranty

Warranty coverage against defects on your Industry Nine wheelset or Classic hubset.

24h 2:1 Solix SL

Aero, light weight, yet surprisingly durable using a 2:1 lacing pattern. Our Solix SL hub and spoke chassis rides as good as it looks.

Direct Thread - Straight Pull

Straight pull, integrated nipple, one-piece aluminum spokes that thread directly into the hubshell resulting in a solid, flex-free junction. No special tools or service procedures required.

Ano Lab Custom Color

Design the wheelset of your dreams using our custom wheel configurator. Pick and choose from 11 different anodized colors to create a look as colorful or stealth as you wish. Visit our AnoLab Custom Wheel Designer to customize your i9s and email your design to

I9 Wheels Customization



Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
700C  1520g 715g 815g 450 24.5mm 28.5mm


Tire Width Tire Type Rider Weight
Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher
260lbs/118kg max