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Speedway Handlebar

Deity Components


What is speed?  In a physical sense, speed is the rate at which someone or something is able to operate, or the distance traveled per unit of time.  But to most of us speed is a feeling, an exhilarating edge of your seat rush!  And for many of us it is an obsession, a deep emotional charge that makes your hands sweat, heart race and leaves you hungry for more.  For DEITY, speed motivates us in everything we do and is certainly the inspiration for the all new Speedway Carbon DH Handlebar. 
  • Oversized 35mm Bore Carbon Handlebar
  • Designed for DH / Enduro / All Mountain
  • Developed and designed exclusively with our own in house DEITY molds
  • Unidirectional Carbon Construction
  • Damping properties reduce hand fatigue
  • The ultimate combination of Strength, Weight, and Ride Quality
  • Textured non slip stem clamping surface
  • Textured grip ends for added bite
  • The strongest 35mm Downhill / Enduro Carbon Handlebar on the market!    
  • Recommended MAX Torque Spec range (4 - 4.5 Nm)
     Rise 30mm


    Bar Diameter 35mm

    Backsweep / Upsweep

    9 degree x 5 degree




    Enduro, DH
    Material Unidirectional Carbon


    Stealth, Bronze, Chrome, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise