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B-RAD Mounting Bases

Wolf Tooth Components

B-RAD bases are the foundation for the B-RAD system, as the rest of the system accessories mount to them. These allow you to move bottles to make room for frame bags, move bottles away from suspension shocks, create space to mount additional bottles and/or bags to the same bottle mount.


  • Repositioning uses existing bottle mounts on frame
  • Lightweight, durable, rust-proof material
  • Customize storage to your specific needs with flexible B-RAD system


B-RAD 2 :: 
The 2-slot base can move a bottle or other accessory up to 54mm to an optimal location even on a smaller or dual suspension frame.


B-RAD 3 ::

The 3-slot base with 4 threaded holes provide additional adjustment of up to 118mm and mounting options vs the B-RAD 2. A typical application would be to mount a bottle cage in the forward threaded holes with a B-RAD accessory tucked behind it. This mounts perfectly to triple bottle mounts on frames and forks. The B-RAD 3 includes a recommended zip tie, channels for the zip tie, and a foam pad for secure mounting. 


B-RAD 4 ::
The 4-slot base is the longest base with 9 threaded holes for the ultimate flexibility and capacity when bike packing, touring, commuting or just exploring on 2 wheels. It's long enough to move one bottle up to 201mm or mount 2 smaller bottles inline or multiple accessories. The B-RAD 4 includes the required zip ties, channels for the zip ties, and a foam pad for secure mounting.



  • Compatible with any frame that uses standard 64mm spacing bottle cage braze-ons (basically every modern frame)
  • Hardware included is T25 Torx head


B-RAD 2 (27g)

B-RAD 3 (41g)

B-RAD 4 (75g)

Material 6061-T6 aluminium brackets | EVA foam pads
Thickness 6mm
Tools Needed T25 Torx
Torque 3-4Nm
Max Load 1700g per base

Made in the USA


  • Mounting any of the bases requires the use of at least 2 standard threaded bottle cage mounts. B-RAD 3 and B-RAD-4 should use the auxiliary foam pad (to protect your frame) and zip tie to secure the base. Any other mounting methods are not recommended.
  • You may need a Problem Solvers Space Out Kit or similar method to clear the front derailleur clamp. Be sure to use bolts with additional length equivalent to the extra spacing added.