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X01 Eagle Cassette


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The new 10-52t, XG-1295 cassette gives riders more than ever before, with an unprecedented 520-percent range. For a little extra to avoid the hike-a-bike, a little more in the “spin to win” game, the XG-1295 cassette also allows stronger riders to increase their chainring size if they want.



  • Provides a massive 520-percent gear range for brutal steeps and avoiding hike-a-bikes.
  • Stronger riders can increase chainring size for speed, without sacrificing climbing.
  • Available in Black, the Eagle™ Colorsystem lets the cassette and chain express the look of the bike.



CS-XG-1295-B1 - 10-52T
CS-XG-1295-A1 - 10-50T