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Yeti Linear Bearing Kit (Switch Infinity)

Yeti Cycles


The Switch Infinity mechanism is a simple, lightweight, bombproof system built by FOX Racing Shox from proven suspension components.

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your bike running smoothly. If you ride your bike as much as we do, we recommend a complete rebuild every year or so. We also highly recommend you have your local Yeti dealer take care of the service, but offer this bearing rebuild kit for those who prefer to do their own work.


Option Model
Switch Infinity V2
  • MY23: SB120/140/160
  • SB5/SB6/SB130/SB140 27.5"/SB150/SB165
Switch Infinity V1
  • SB5/SB6/SB130/SB140 27.5"/SB150/SB165
SB115 G3 Kit 2021-2022
SB100 -